New Zealand’s Premier Zeolite & Perlite Mineral Processing Company

Blue Pacific Minerals Ltd (BPM) is a specialist mineral processing / manufacturing company based in Tokoroa, South Waikato, New Zealand where we process a number of naturally occurring minerals including Clinoptilolite Zeolite, Mordenite Zeolite and Perlite for the New Zealand domestic market and internationally.

Our mineral processing facilities have the capability to provide a range of coarse, granular and finely milled products specifically tailored to suit our customer requirements. Market applications vary, based on the mineral ore types we offer such as Clinoptilolite Zeolite, Mordenite Zeolite and Perlite.

This customized processing ability enables Blue Pacific Minerals to tailor our finished products to match specific individual market requirements, such as biological carriers, and use as a chemical carrier agent.

The mineral processing and manufacturing facilities of Blue Pacific Minerals Ltd are located in Tokoroa which is within 70 kilometres of Tauranga's International deep water port. This allows excellent logistical access to global markets. The Tokoroa site sits alongside State Highway 1, offering regular freight service options throughout New Zealand.

New Zealand's geologically "young" ore types of Zeolite and Perlite processed by Blue Pacific Minerals offer very unique mineral characteristics that are not typically present in other similar mineral species found globally.

For example, Blue Pacfic Minerals' Zeolite has an extensive internal structure which offers a large surface area which is well suited for use as a chemical carrier agent.

Blue Pacific Minerals' Perlite ore is ideally suited to producing expanded Perlite insulation for cryogenic insulation applications due to its low thermal conductivity.

Please visit our contacts page with your enquiry, and let Blue Pacific Minerals tailor a product to suit your needs.

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